Racehorse syndication service for sellers of racehorse shares

Unlike the traditional "syndication" model, we do not invest in thoroughbreds and sell shares for our profit or ongoing management fees. Rather, we provide an independent fixed fee service to assist Trainers wishing to sell or lease shares in their horses.

Our service allows legal advertisement of racehorse shares (including share price) on a Licensed Trainer's website, in email campaigns and in social media. It also enables advertising in a variety of other channels. It's a better way to syndicate as Trainer's can immediately market to a wider audience.


Syndication compliance and conveyancing service

Our base service is ideal if Trainers wish to market on their website, in social media and to their email database - with share prices - and outsource all the paperwork and money collection to us. We act much like a Conveyancing service when you buy or sell a house.

✅ PREPARE Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

✅ COMPLY with regulations to enable advertising of shares to the public

✅ COLLECT payments and all paperwork

✅ VERIFY owner identity and address (includes watch lists & fraudulent activity register checks)

✅ CONVEY legal title to new Owners providing clarity and legal protection for all parties


Syndication marketing service

Our marketing service offers additional marketing assistance.

✅ MARKET horse with a Pedigree Information document and Social Media Images

✅ ADVERTISE on our website and social media, and on other advertising portals such as bloodstock.com.au, racingsales.com.au and buyaracehorse.com.au

✅ CAPTURE leads via professional web Landing Pages to share via email and social media

✅ TRACK lead sources and MANAGE sales opportunities

✅ AUTOMATE email responses and follow ups saving hours of time


All offered at fixed prices per Share Offer.

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Please note, we are licensed with Principle Racing Authorities in VIC, NSW and SA. We cannot assist trainers located in Qld, TAS or WA at this time (applications in progress).