Always, always film your yearling!

The first rule to follow to best promote your racehorse, whether you have purchased for a client or to syndicate, is to prepare a yearling video


“We’re witnessing a fundamental shift in the way people consume media. What used to be predictable, daily sessions online have been replaced by many fragmented interactions that now occur instantaneously, on the move.” – Vicky Leonard from renowned Thoroughbred Marketing company Kick Collective


Video plays a crucial role with each of those interactions that your prospective customers have with you, via email, on your website and on social media. So we encourage all our clients to book a yearling video to capture your audience – it is far more effective than a still image.

We deliver fresh, tailored and affordable video promotions of yearlings at each yearling sale. Here is a short sample of some of the footage we film, professionally edit and tailor to clients.

Perhaps you wish to include a voiceover? Or maybe you prefer captions instead? Either way, we tailor the output to suit your brand and objectives.

We also have a couple of rules when producing the yearling video. These rules, combined with our quality, mobile, stabilised video camera and professional editing, deliver a higher quality result without going into the super-professional and expensive range.

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