10 reasons for trainers to use our racehorse syndication service

Utilising our Racehorse Syndication Compliance and Marketing service allows racehorse trainers to legally advertise shares in their horse, to their network and the public. A necessity for most trainers who always need new owners going this stable.

But the benefits of our service go beyond legally advertising shares.

Here is our full list of reasons to engage our service for the syndication of your horses.

Racehorse syndication

Outsourcing administration, payment collection and some marketing activity to us can turn fixed costs into a variable cost per horse.

Providing adequate disclosure and transparency in the sale of shares helps satisfy new owners and provide more comfort to purchase.

Our marketing support positions us as an extension to your team, adding a little more value whilst ensuring you retain control and client relationships.

Including our fees into the cost of syndication potentially secures our service free of charge! If all shares are sold.

The additional cost to owners can be as little as $66 for each 5% share for our service. Barely noticeable given the benefits owners also receive.

Our Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) and 20+ years in management and business consulting, combine well with our five years worth of knowledge gained and success delivered in the racing industry.

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