The challenge of selling and buying shares in racehorses

Investing in yearlings and then having to sell shares is a challenge for any Racehorse Trainer.

We are proud to support a number of trainers in this process, and in doing so, provide the following benefits.

✅ Disclosure & legal protection
✅ Payment collection & paperwork
✅ Public advertising of racehorse shares
✅ Email automation to save hours of time sharing information, videos, pictures
✅ Foreign currency exchange options and forward contracts to lock in exchange rates
✅ Verification of owner identity, address & bona fides, including checking against watch lists and fraudulent activity registers

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Buyers of racehorse shares equally benefit from our service.

✅ Disclosure of fees, vet reports, insurance certificates & terms of training
✅ Clear agreements with other co-owners regarding decisions, trophies, race colours, disputes
✅ Independent financial service for secure management of funds
✅ Conveyance of legal title to your share upon release of your money from escrow

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