Pocketed editorial

Racing jurisdictions should focus on increasing the minimum values of each type of race. This will provide more effective support to the grassroots where the capital appreciation effect of a win isn’t as profound, but the horse still needs to pay its way.”‬

That is just one quote that resonates well with us within this article available via the link (click to read). The article poses many questions and offers some proposals to consider in all racing jurisdictions.

We have many incentive programs in Australia that are hugely popular at the very least.

But in relation to the core incentive, prizemoney, we would fully support the funding of modest increases in grassroots race stakes (Maidens, but not low benchmark grades) at the expense of significant reductions in “some” elite level races.

Note this article proposes minimum values “of each type of race”. Meet satisfactory minimum levels of prize money for the elite races, of course. But beyond a certain level the industry benefit per incremental dollar, decays.

It’s a long-running debate. And there are other ideas in this article. So please share your thoughts.

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