For what it’s worth…

As you digest today’s news regarding the rightful disqualification of racing participants, remember this…

Be proud of trainers, stable staff and owners who reliably and ethically care, maintain & love their horses.

Support them. Let them know it’s a responsibility and fulfilling that will reap lasting reward and goodwill.

Sadly there are a few participants in contrast, but slowly they become undesirable, irrelevant & outlawed.

Perhaps too slowly outlawed, yes. But if all participants and owners display a duty of care to the horse and the industry by whistleblowing, we protect whistleblowers from bullying or employer ramification, and stewards are afforded more covert investigative and subpoena powers, the laws of racing can catch up with those undesirables.

If all racehorse owners research, ask the right questions and place integrity and horse welfare at the top of their criteria when selecting a horse and/or trainer (even ahead of winning strike rates), those that fail to meet standards will become irrelevant more quickly.

Many are blaming the racing authorities and stewards in particular for allowing the systematic cheating to occur for too long – or occur at all. The truth is we have all allowed racing’s “dirty little secrets” to occur for too long. Not just cheating, but blatant financial fraud in some cases as well.

How about we all take responsibility in partnership with stewards (and police if it comes to that) and unite to improve the culture, identify and report suspicious activity and shady financial dealings, and stop the bickering.


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