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This week, we share our opinion on a few matters related to Our two cent’s worth anyway.

Found it interesting and somewhat disturbing today to see this kind of advertising on

We’re all for innovation and we understand that advertising is an important revenue source to help sustain a channel such as on air. Thanks for the support of the product supplier in this advert. Perhaps with opinions like ours in this post, they are getting their value for money!

We also understand that in-program advertising is a highly effective driver of brand awareness and “recall” – when targeted to the right audience. There is a level of acceptance of in-program advertising and product placement in some TV shows on commercial stations. We accept that’s what funds those TV programs and therefore allows us to watch the shows we want to watch. It’s even expected on’s media partner Seven West Media (Channel 7).

But that’s commercial television.

Not so sure it’s appropriate for a dedicated racing channel that exists solely to grow the audience and interest in racing and, in turn, help grow wagering turnover and revenues. There is a real risk that in-program advertising, and other forms such as product placement, devalues or even cheapens the product we’re watching.

We’re not watching Sunrise on 7.



Whilst we’re on the topic of, thumbs down for “The Bullring”. The intention – to drive interest in wagering through insightful statistics on race odds – is valid. But the execution is not hitting the spot.

Doesn’t taking our eyes and ears away from the interviews with the trainers and riders, the atmosphere on track, the behaviour of the horses in the mounting yard, the predicted speed maps and replays of previous races the horses have contested, hinder wagering not enhance it?

It’s worth pointing out though that we are not big punters. Even if we were, those other insights would be more valuable than the lengthy discussion of price movements in three tote pools and fixed prices across three wagering operators.

(That complexity in Australian wagering is a topic for another day! How many times have you been asked to explain what all of that means?!)



One more thumbs down for the industry’s racing channel, before we give a couple of thumbs up.

We have no interest in watching to view others’ tweets to #RacingLive and listen to a presenter read them out verbatim. Boring and uninformative. We prefer to listen to the experts and the participants please!

Surely we can leave the all-important and beneficial social media interaction to – well – social media?



Let’s finish on a good note. The program After the Last. It’s more than a recap of the day’s racing.

After The Last

We’re enjoying the interviews and the insights. We welcome the time away from the promotion of the punt, and love “meeting” the wide cross-section of industry participants that make this industry so intriguing.



Well done to the team at for travelling far-and-wide to gives us glimpses of different operations, especially trainers, their facilities and their horses.

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