Keap is not simply software we sell you

Many software implementations fail because companies try to do everything themselves, only to find their implementation to be floundering at the bottom of a long To Do list. Other companies dive head first into the technology without a structured process or clear objectives.

It is for this reason that we deliver the Keap CRM, Sales and Email Automation “as a managed service” to ensure long-term benefit.

Keap is not simply software we sell to you. We personally spend the time up front to implement and configure it to suit your business and then support you each month.

That implementation and support can often include integrations with a variety of other platforms. We have integrated Keap with the well-regarded Prism platform (finance and customer communications) as a standard default. We also use Zapier extensively to deliver smart integrations with other solutions such as these.

What solutions are you using now, or want to use in the future?

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