Keap and HelloSign are now good friends!

Great news for our CRM, Sales and Marketing Automation subscribers who want to send agreements, product disclosure statements, terms and conditions or any other document for e-signature by your new customer.

Electronic signature leader HelloSign now integrates seamlessly with the Keap CRM, Sales and Marketing Automation platform that we implement for clients.

Using Keap automations, connected to a HelloSign account, you can:

  • automate the sending of a HelloSign document to a contact;
  • automate subsequent activities when a contact signs that HelloSign document.

This is perfect for trainers wanting to send Training Agreements to new owners for e-Signature. Or for licensed syndicators (Approved Promoters) who must secure signatures on Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) before accepting new clients.

Want more?

Because we have already integrated Keap with Prism, the benefits multiply if you are a Prism subscriber!

You can now realistically promote your horse, attract new leads, email your new contact, receive online orders, record new customer details, get a document signed and add the new customer into Prism – while you sleep! I kid you not.

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