Benefits of inbound enquiry automation in your marketing

If you are in the business of selling racehorse shares, you hopefully deal with a lot of enquiries on your horses available. Implementing an automated enquiry response system can deliver several benefits for you, the Seller, and the prospective Buyer.

Below we outline four key benefits of an intelligent automated enquiry response system for your business.

1 Efficiency

Reduce the time spent manually responding to online enquiries from your website, social media and advertising, especially on a Monday morning when enquiries have built up all weekend!

An automated email response system can email the new contact all the relevant information for you including photos, links to videos and any other promotional material.

As the saying goes, if you do it more than three times, automate it!

The real benefit is not so much how much time you save, but what you do with that time. Focus on more important things like personally calling the prospective buyer, building a strong relationship with your current and prospective clients, and preparing video and audio updates that are proven to increase buyer interest.

2 Immediacy

We hope you are inundated with emails from prospective buyers of racehorse shares. But we suspect many of those come in outside office hours. We have researched enquiries on horses offered by our clients and found that roughly 60 per cent of racehorse enquiries are received outside of normal office hours.

These contacts could well be enquiring on multiple horses from multiple trainers or syndicators. Or maybe they are enquiring about racehorse ownership for the first time.

According to some surveys, 40 per cent of Australian consumers expect a response within an hour of making an online enquiry, (Lithium Technologies and Harris Poll). This means the value of responsiveness is huge in today’s market.

Automated enquiry response allows you to exceed customer expectations with prompt action.

Stand out from competitors and begin a relationship with the prospect when they are most motivated, and before they move on to the next horse or the next trainer. Every late response is an opportunity for a competitor.

3 Consistency

Uniformity in communications is essential for establishing and maintaining a brand with a strong reputation. Automated enquiry responses have standardised formats with a professional appearance, ensuring you deliver well-crafted, branded responses every time.

4 Personalisation

Yes, sometimes it can be clear to the recipient that these emails are automated - especially if they are sent within minutes of their enquiry at midnight! But personalising the email and delivering an "intelligent" response focussed directly on their enquiry, assists to overcome any negative sentiment.

Modern email automation solutions can be configured to not only include the contact's name in the auto-email response (a basic requirement) but to trigger the right email response based on any variables that the contact has entered onto a Landing Page (read about Landing Pages via a link at the bottom of this page).

The most obvious question to ask the contact is which horse they are interested in. A dedicated Landing Page per horse can ensure the appropriate response is emailed. But asking other questions in enquiry forms can trigger other responses, for example, is the contact enquiring about racehorse ownership for the first time?

You have to be careful not to make it too complicated and scare off prospects. But many options exist to personalise the email response.

Our CRM & Email Automation software-as-a-service provides email automation options for your business.

We can help design Landing Pages which you can share via email, your website and social media, or advertising, triggering the automated email response and immediately alerting you for personal follow up.

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