Racehorse syndication compliance and marketing

Unlike the traditional "syndication" model, we do not invest in thoroughbreds and sell shares for our profit or ongoing management fees. Rather, we provide an independent fixed fee service to assist Trainers wishing to sell or lease shares in horses.

Our KineCOMPLY compliance and conveyancing service is our base service. It allows you to legally market on your website, in your social media and to your email database - with share prices - and outsource all the paperwork and money collection to us. We act much like a Conveyancing service when you buy or sell a house.

Add on our KineMARKET marketing service for additional marketing assistance and advertising to the public. For a modest additional fee you can access a broader audience via listings on all the main advertising portals, on our website and social media, and other channels you choose.


Buyers of racehorse shares equally benefit from our syndication compliance service

✅ Disclosure of fees, vet reports, insurance certificates & terms of training

✅ Clear agreements with co-owners regarding decisions, trophies, race colours, disputes

✅ Independent financial service and secure management of funds

✅ Conveyance of legal title to their share, free of encumbrance

Importantly, we facilitate sales and do not consider ourselves a sales agent

✅ We do not receive sales commissions and we remain independent to support our clients equally

✅ You and your staff are integral to the sales process

✅ Any questions about the horse(s) or Training services can be directed to you / your team

✅ New contacts become your contacts...not ours!

Outsource the paperwork and payment collection to us

✅ We assist prospective buyers with information on the finances of the sale and racehorse ownership

✅ We collect new owner details, signed documentation

✅ We invoice new owners and chase up payments

Protect yourself from potential breaches of Australian Rules of Racing and fraudulent owners

✅ We verify the identity of each new owner and their address

✅ We check if they exist on any watch list or fraudulent activity registers

All fees can be included in the Share Price to fully reimburse costs if all shares are sold

✅ Your net cost is zero, if all shares are sold!

In summary, the benefits of our service go beyond legally advertising shares. Here is our full list of reasons to engage our service.

Racehorse syndication

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