How to send an email broadcast with Infusionsoft

Email Marketing is a key component of any sales and marketing process. Yes, other channels have grown rapidly in recent years (such as social media), but those channels simply funnel more contacts into your business. You then engage with those contacts in a variety of ways, most importantly, via email.

Email marketing can be grouped into three subsets:

  • Email Broadcasts, or “blasts” out to your entire database or to a targeted segment or segments of your database.
  • Auto-Email Responders to a new contact.
  • Dynamic, behavioural-based email marketing driven by live profile and behaviour data. This allows your audience to effectively choose their own journey.

Each of these three email marketing tactics has a role to play. In this 2 minute video below, the Infusionsoft team explain how to send an Email Broadcast.

If you are not yet adopting auto-email responders and dynamic email marketing in your sales process, with the aid of a Sales & Marketing Automation solution, there is great risk that your marketing is both less effective and less efficient.

Read our article about automating inbound marketing. Stay tuned for more insights.

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