Contact records and how to add new contacts

Like any good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, Infusionsoft provides many options to store your contacts’ information.

Here is a short video summary of the contact record.


New subscribers to your mailing list and new enquiries on your horses will be automatically added into Infusionsoft as a contact (and tagged with the horse they enquired on to trigger automation). But sometimes you need to manually add a contact.

The quickest way to add a new contact, is via the Quick Add button (+) at the top of your Infusionsoft window. From there, you can use the Default Add Contact form, or one of your configured Internal Forms.


Often, you will need to find a contact in Infusionsoft to review or update information, or to perform some action, such as tag them with a horse to trigger automation. Here is a short video on how to search for contacts.


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