BOBS bonuses extended

From 1 August, a BOBS eligible racehorse winning a metropolitan Saturday race will earn the owner of the winner’s dam a $5,000 bonus (currently only $500). The bonus slides down for mid-week races ($2,500) and provincial/country races ($1,250).


These bonus schemes are wonderful rewards to owners, trainers and breeders. They are largely funded by nomination fees, but do greatly benefit from industry and state government funding. They promote state breeding and that has a flow on effect to the breeding industry and economies.

However, if every state is doing it, what is the true benefit? If funding was re-directed, what benefits could that deliver? If the stallion market was left to, well, the market, would anything really change? Do these schemes create more demand for yearlings and increase yearling prices owners have to pay?

Food for thought. We receive variety of feedback from owners on these schemes and would be interested to see a study on their effectiveness and returns on investment.

The same questions apply for the auction house race series, but the way.

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