Responding to enquiries on horses available, tracking sales opportunities, invoicing, collecting payments and onboarding owners has largely been a manual process.

Until now!

We provide a better solution that automates the Customer Marketing Lifecycle from Enquiry right through to Onboarding, delivering a better experience for buyers and saving time.



We know how important it is to personalise your marketing content to the right audience and to differentiate your service to your owners. We also recognise the importance of selling shares in your horses quickly and efficiently.

These two objectives often conflict with each other. Luckily, there is a solution.

We have teamed up with renowned software provider KEAP  (formerly Infusionsoft), to deliver the Keap Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales & Marketing Automation solution to help you:


ATTRACT new sales leads with targeted email campaigns, great landing pages and tailored enquiry forms

ENGAGE your audience with automated email responses, follow up emails and/or reminders, and "drip-email" marketing

FOCUS your time on prospects who are ready to act now

CONVERT more leads into sales by better managing those leads and automating order processing

ONBOARD owners seamlessly with automated information flow and updates of orders and owners into Prism's Communications and Finance modules

Watch this two minute overview on how we can help you SELL MORE and DO LESS.

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