Our Services

At Kinematic Thoroughbred Services, we connect owners and trainers and provide premium services to both.

  • We provide faithful and secure opportunities for the public to purchase (or lease) co-ownership (or co-lessee) shares in thoroughbreds.
  • We deliver a Racehorse Syndication Compliance Service for trainers to legally advertise and sell (or lease) shares in their racehorse, and manage the administration and finances of the sale (or lease).

Our mission is to unite thoroughbred racehorse owners and trainers in a mutually rewarding partnership with clarity on risks, benefits and terms of training and ownership.

Our vision is to be a trusted, innovative provider of a range of services for thoroughbred racehorse trainers and owners.

Our values govern the delivery of our services. We deliver services with transparency, integrity and reliability. We are committed to service innovation. 

Our Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) compels us to maximise disclosure to buyers of racehorse shares and ensure conveyance of clear title. 

As an Approved Promoter with Racing VIC, Racing NSW and Thoroughbred Racing SA, we comply with the Australian Rules of Racing and ASIC regulations governing the syndication of racehorse.

Services for Buyers

Purchase racehorse shares via our racehorse syndication service for transparency and security.

Services for Sellers

Legally advertise and sell shares in your racehorse. Outsource the administration and financial management of the sale of shares.