Looking for a Sales and Email Marketing solution for your thoroughbred business?

It’s been fun implementing a terrific CRM, Sales & Marketing Automation solution for several clients over the past few years.

At the Magic Millions Gold Coast Yearling Sale this week, I welcome a chat with any trainer or stud who wishes to:

✅ Market smarter, not harder

✅ Sell faster

✅ Manage the sales pipeline more thoroughly

✅ Onboard clients more smoothly

✅ Engage prospects more consistently

✅ Save time


Horse racing marketing


Our managed software service can help trainers and stud farms overcome many common challenges:

✅  Lack of contacts to direct market to

✅  Poor organisation of contacts

✅  Disengagement of contacts

✅  Sales leads ”disappearing” due to poor follow up

✅ Time consuming sales processes

✅ Complicated owner on-boarding process

✅ Difficulty in tracking orders and share % sold

✅ Limited commitments in advance of yearling sales


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