Like any good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, Infusionsoft provides many options to store your contacts’ information and segment them via tags and custom fields.

Here is a 50 second video summary of the contact record.

The quickest way to add a new contact, is via the Quick Add button (+) at the top of your Infusionsoft window. Here is a 25 second video.


At this point, it is worth noting that there are more options to add contact records. We will assist you to setup automated creation of contact records from your website, and create internal forms to easily add contacts and apply more data to the contact record.

But it is not good having robust contact data if you cannot easily access that data.

Although a little daunting at first, the search capability of Infusionsoft is powerful. Combined with up to 100 custom fields on a contact record, contact fields and tags can be searched for on the fly.

There are two ways too each contacts. First, the Quick Search bar at the top of your Infusionsoft window, and second, the full contact search.

Watch this 2.5 minute video from the Infusionsoft team, showing you the contact search options.

But due to the sheer number of search options, we advise to setup a number of Saved Searches to more quickly access your contacts based on the segmentation (fields and tags) you have implemented.

Watch this 2.5 minute video on saving searches and reports.

Furthermore, you can save your searches as favourites, share them and even email them on a frequent basis. Watch this 4 minute video on saved search options.

Sometimes, exporting your data is useful. Here is a final short video on how to export contact data.

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